Children Share WWII Project With Parents

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Reynolds Academy Year 5 WWII exhibition for parents. Front (l-r) Alexander Clarke, Sophia Ami, Nour Lehmer, Priya Thirumaran and Brandon Robbins. Back (l-r) Year 5 Teachers Joseph Middleton and Emma Owen, Jane Aukett (Chair of Governors) and Andy Clark (Principal).

World War II and its impact on the people of Britain was explored in detail by children at Reynolds Academy culminating in an exhibition of their work for parents. Teacher Joseph Middleton explained: "Year 5 have been learning about the war and produced some fantastic work. The topic culminated with an exhibition to display the collaborative learning of the year group, and was really well attended. The children enjoyed sharing their experiences with their parents."

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 Libby Greaves (9), mum Donna Grieves and sister Amber (7) at the WWII Exhibition at Reynolds Academy. 

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Isabelle London (10) with the Anderson shelter she made with Elsie Eden and Ebony Ingleby.

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Priya Thirumaran (9) shows off some WWII exhibits to mum Anna Thirumaran.

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The Year 5 WWII exhibition, which was open to parents.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Andrew Clark

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson