All Hands To The Grindstone For Stone Age Museum Visit

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Reynolds Academy Year 6 visit to Hull and East Riding Museum as part of their project on the Iron, Stone and Bronze Ages. Pictured is Museum Enabler Kim Rothman with the Year 6 pupils.

Reynolds Academy Year 6 pupils are delving deep into history for their project on the Stone Age, visiting Hull and East Riding Museum to study how people lived and the tools they used.

Steve Bond, Year 6 Teacher, explained: "The Year 6 pupils have been working very hard on their new Stone Age topic, focusing first on the Paeleolithic era. We have focused on cave paintings and associated tools, which they have made using materials that would have been available at that time. They are currently focusing on tools, both for hunting and for domestic life, as well as starting to consider how they would have been used.

"The pupils really enjoyed their visit to the Museum where they could see first hand what we had been talking about in the classroom."

Year 6 pupil Coleen Junkaluhad-Ives said: "The museum was really interesting. I enjoyed the Pit House. We also learned how to grind corn and weave."

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Reynolds Academy pupils at Hull and East Riding Museum. They are: ( l-r) Toby Harding, Chloe Avison, Ben Smith and Coleen Junkaluhad-Ives.

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Reynolds Academy Year 6 visit to Hull and East Riding Museum. Pictured is Holly Taylor, Museum Enabler, showing Harry Wynne (10) how to grind corn.

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Learning how to weave are (l-r) Alfie Hine (10) and Toby Harding (11).

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