Whole School Newsletter November 2017


8 November 2017

Dear parents/carers,

Dates for Diaries:

Please find the dates for diaries attached – as you can see, it is a very busy term in the run up to Christmas, as well as lots of other events. As always, we will let you know of any changes, as soon as possible. I wanted to get the dates for the Christmas plays out to you as soon as possible, as I know many of you like to attend, where you can.

Dates For Your Diary Autumn Term 2 2017

Christmas Performances:

We have decided to tweak the format this year, partly in response to a few parental requests last year. Each year group will be producing their own performance, rather than combining year groups as we have done in previous years. The children are already busy rehearsing – there is a real mixture across the different year groups, with some groups going for a traditional play, whilst others are giving a more modern feel to their performances. I know that whatever the children do, they will give it their very best efforts and we look forward to the productions. Please find the schedule below. We will send out a separate letter, nearer the time, so you can let us know how many people would like to attend.

Monday 4 December Tuesday 5 December Wednesday 6 December Thursday 7 December Friday 8 December
Morning show 9:30am FS1 FS2 Year 6 Year 1 Year 2
Afternoon show 2:30pm Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 FS2 FS1
Evening show 6:00pm (doors open at 5:30pm) Year 6

Please note, the times may vary slightly in the afternoon, for example, some shows might start at 2:15pm but I will confirm this when the separate letters go out.

Anti-Bullying Week / Odd Sock Day

We will be supporting the national campaign, which starts next week. The children will be taking part in different activities within lessons to support this important cause. As part of the activities, we will be joining the national 'Odd Sock Day.' This will take place on Wednesday 15 November – the children are all invited to wear two different socks (on this one occasion, I don't mind which colour!). This is to celebrate diversity and individuality and ties in nicely with the theme of the week.

Children In Need

It is a busy week next week! We will also be supporting the national fund-raising for Children In Need. The children are invited to wear their own clothes – this year we are encouraging them to wear 'bright colours' and/or spots on Friday 17 November. We would appreciate a donation of £1.00 per pupil which should be given to the class teachers on the day.

New Parent App

As you will recall from my letter before half-term, we have launched a new parent app – so far, over 80 parents have signed up which is very encouraging. A reminder that this is a way of easy communication, particularly regarding reporting absences. In addition, we will be sending out regular news items. If you would like another copy of the information letter, please contact the main reception and they will arrange for a letter to be put in your child's book bag.

New Classroom

I am pleased to inform you that the new classroom is virtually complete – the fencing will be coming down over the next few days. Once it has been taken away and the site is cleared, we will open up the playground and all entrances for children and parents. I hope that this will be early next week – I will send a separate letter of notification as soon as I can.

Finally, I would like to welcome Mrs Caswell, who has joined us as a Teaching Assistant in Year 3, joining Scorpius class.

Yours faithfully

Mr A Clark

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Andrew Clark

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson