FS2 Overview For Parents

Please see the table below as an overview of the work set for your child. The bingo sheet gives instructions for the tasks and the worksheets are attached where the work can be completed.

Any activities where your child chooses to use the internet, please ensure they have adult supervision to ensure internet safety.

Fact file about favourite animal The children have been learning about fact files. For this task children need to draw a picture of their favourite animal and add captions for its key features (i.e. sharp teeth for a lion). The children can then learn and write a fact about their chosen animal. The fact can be found on the internet, in books or common known facts.
Making a model of an animal This can be using recycled products or arts and craft (colouring, felt tips, paint).
If you could have a pet dragon. Within the work book attached there is a worksheet where the children can think about a pet dragon. This includes drawing and key information on how they would look after the dragon.
Addition and subtract The children have been taught a variety of strategies to approach addition and subtraction, including counting on their fingers and using physical objects such as cubes and coins.
Animal song Some animal songs can be found on YouTube, but we would like the children to learn 'Old McDonald had a farm'. The children will be given the opportunity to perform their song to the class as part as show and tell when returning to school.
List of animals The children have been taught how to research using the internet, books or discussions. Can you work with your child to continue to build these important skills when learning about new animals?
Shape hunt The FS2 children have been learning a lot about shapes and tally charts and will enjoy the independent learning aspect of this. The children can draw the shape or write its name and then complete a hunt around the house to find the different shapes to help the completion of the tally chart. An example has been completed on the sheet for you.
Tricky words The children enjoy singing the tricky word song and we are now applying to the children's writing and reading. Attached is a list of the tricky words for the different phonics phases. Please look particularly at phase 1 and 2, moving onto 3.

The following websites are useful for the children to look at during their time at home. They are websites the children are used to using in the classroom, when supported by an adult. The websites are useful for phonics, maths, English and other areas of the Early Years Curriculum.


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