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Interactive Space Workshops Bring New Dimension To STEM Learning

Reynolds Academy pupils join Mario Satchwell, Science Communicator for Cambridge Science Centre, during the interactive Science workshop, hosted by Cleethorpes Academy.

The science of Space was brought to life in a series of interactive workshops which had Reynolds Academy children enthralled. The event was hosted by Cleethorpes Academy and delivered by Cambridge Science Centre.

The STEM event combined the workshops with a fascinating film showing astronauts on the International Space Station, including Major Tim Peake, carrying out everyday tasks like brushing their teeth and eating their breakfasts faced with zero gravity. It showed how astronauts have to be strapped into their beds to counter the weightlessness and must exercise regularly to to stop their muscles turning to jelly.

Primary children from feeder schools across the area had the opportunity to build and sail land yachts before learning how the physics of Isaac Newton’s laws got us into space. They rode on a hover board and experienced some of the dangers of going into space using a simulated vacuum chamber and blowtorch.

Cambridge Science Centre is an independent charity, with an interactive Science Museum based in East Anglia. Mario Satchwell, Science Communicator, said the workshops offer children an exciting experience that is different to learning in the classroom. 

“The children get to see Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in action,” he said. “Science is all around us in absolutely everything we do and we want children to realise that it is accessible to everyone. These hands-on workshops empower them to discover Science for themselves.”

Paul Kaylow, Vice Principal of Cleethorpes Academy, said the workshops had been really exciting for everyone.

“We are very grateful to Cambridge Science Centre for these wonderful workshops, which have truly engaged the pupils in the world of space. Their interactivity has brought a new dimension to the children’s understanding of all the scientific elements involved, and feedback from all ages has been excellent.”

Reynolds Academy pupils Francesca Campling (10) and Charlie Ellis (9) with Mario Satchwell, Science Communicator for Cambridge Science Centre.

Reynolds Academy pupils, Tilly Simpson (9), Isabella Clarke (10) and Nevaeh Dzvairo (10) take a closer look at pieces of meteorite at the Cambridge Science Centre workshop hosted by Cleethorpes Academy.

Reynolds Academy pupils, Riley Thompson, Emily Findlay and Ellie-May Costello with their land yachts at the Cambridge Science Centre workshop, hosted by Cleethorpes Academy.

Reynolds Academy pupils try out their land yachts in the hall at Cleethorpes Academy.

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