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Reynolds Academy Pupils Are The Last To Visit Famous Lincs RAF Base

Reynolds Academy Year 4 pupil Frankie Wilkinson takes to the cockpit of a Red Arrow during the visit to RAF Scampton.

Reynolds Academy Year 4 pupils are the last school children to be invited for a tour of RAF Scampton before its scheduled closure later this year.

The pupils visited RAF Scampton Heritage Centre over two days, learning about the historic role the station played during World War 2 and its wider role in the RAF, including being the base for the world famous Red Arrows. 

The children were shown around the quarters of the Dambusters and walked where Guy Gibson and his men would have once worked. They got to see a Hunter, Gnat and Phantom Jet, sit in an actual Red Arrow, look at the Bouncing bomb, the Grandslam and other weapons systems used throughout history.

Pupils also took part in ‘paint a pot’ on both days, decorating their own fast jet. On the second day of the visit, the children witnessed the take off and test flight of one of the Red Arrows.

Gareth Cookson, Assistant Principal at Reynolds Academy, said: "Thank you to RAF Scampton for inviting us,  it was a great honour for us all to share the base’s rich history.”

Pupils listen to a talk about the role of RAF Scampton.

Freddie Curtis is overwhelmed by the displays at RAF Scampton Heritage Centre.

Looking back on the base's rich history.

Pupils enjoy the tour of the Heritage Centre at RAF Scampton, especially seeing a Red Arrow.

Frankie Wilkinson, Adam Williams, Oliver Mosson and Rubi-Leigh Jackman.

Year 4 pupil Ellie Herbert.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott