Adorable Witches And Wizards Celebrate Book

Reynolds Academy pupil Amelie Snowden makes an adorable witch as the Foundation Stage pupils celebrated reading the popular book, 'Room On The Broom.'

Reynolds Academy Foundation Stage pupils brought the characters from popular book 'Room On The Broom' to life with some spectacular costumes and face painting.

The children from FS1 and FS2 teamed up for lots of exciting activities based around the Julia Donaldson book, including making spiders, a witches hat cake, making witches hats and scooping out pumpkins. All staff and children dressed up for the day.

Nursery Leader Jane Day explained: "The children always respond positively to a book when we bring it to life. They really threw themselves into this Witches and Wizards Day recreating some wonderful characters."

Rory Howard in wizard mode.

James Johnson, Rosie Kitching, Ayda Ling and Rosanna Elkatkat.

Scarlett Burton.

Budding Potters! Jenson Paton and Tyler Blow.

Amber Parnell and Elena Sova.

Foundation Stage pupils dress up for Witches and Wizards Day.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

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