Awards Cap Successful Year At Reynolds Academy

Reynolds Academy Year 6 Award winners receive their trophies from Jane Aukett, Chair of Governors. She is pictured handing over a trophy to Lucy Grant, who won the award for Greatest Overall Contribution To The Academy.

Reynolds Academy Year 6 pupils attained the highest score the Academy has ever achieved in their recent SATs Maths exam, with 78% achieving the national standard. The success caps a year in which the Academy was again rated 'Good' by Ofsted.

Year 6 pupils were rewarded for their contributions to the Academy and their personal achievement in all areas of life at the annual Awards Ceremony at the end of term.

Fifteen trophies were presented to the pupils, provided by Tollbar Multi Academy Trust. Some were for Achievement and Progress and were based on the SATs results; others were for Effort; some were for talents outside of the classroom such as Sports, Art and Music; and one was for the Overall Contribution To The Academy.

Principal Andy Clark told a packed school hall of family and friends, that there had been some 'very pleasing results' in the Year 6 SATs tests this year. "Our attainment in Mathematics was actually the highest score we have ever had, with 78% achieving the national standard, which far exceeded expectations," he said.

"We have had a real focus on challenge this year and again, our outcomes for those achieving greater depth in Reading and Mathematics were the best we have ever had, which is testament to the hard work of the pupils and staff."

Mr Clark said that Reynolds Academy is not just about academic achievement and progress. "Our ethos is to develop our young people in all areas of life," he said. "Some of you represented us all in the choir and through the many instruments you play. Many of you have taken part in all manner of competitions, such as the recent Maths challenge, where we reached the final. Many of the Year 6 pupils have helped younger pupils through leadership schemes such as the Sports Leadership Programme. Mr Bateman's Maths group has taught the Year 3 pupils on a number of occasions this year, which has been very successful. In addition, many of our pupils have supported Year 2 children with their reading, which has been wonderful.

"In Sport, you have made us extremely proud. Many of you have represented Reynolds across many different sports with some great success. It is also very important to emphasise that, although only certain individuals will gain a trophy this afternoon, everyone in the year has made progress and everyone has achieved. We are very proud of all of the pupils in Year 6."

The most prestigious trophy - for Greatest Overall Contribution To The Academy - was presented by Jane Aukett, Reynolds Academy Chair of Governors, to Year 6 pupil Lucy Grant.

She said: "Lucy has been chosen because of her unwavering determination in the face of any activity she has participated in throughout her time here. She has never shied away from asking tough questions, investigating complicated problems or standing up for injustices and what she believes is right. Throughout her years here, she has grown, matured and developed into an extremely clever, conscientious and confident girl."

Afterwards Lucy said: "I am so proud. It was really great when I went up for my award and everyone cheered."


Full List Of Results:


Best Reading: Deanna Taylor.

Best Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar (SPAG): Evie Green.

Best Mathematics:Lucy Grant.

Best Writing: Evie Green.

Best Progress (From Year 2 to Year 6)

Mathematics:Omar Elkatkat.

Writing: Harvey Gissing-Smith.

Reading:Grace Brown.

Greatest Effort

Orion - Elsie Eden.

Tucana: Mason Stevenson.

Greatest Achievement in Music 

Millie-Mae Roberts.

Greatest Achievement In Art

Lana Gardner.

Greatest Achievement In Sport (Boys)

David Campling.

Greatest Achievement In Sport (Girls)

Lola Best.

Sports Leadership:

Alexander Clarke.

Greatest Overall Contribution To The Academy

Lucy Grant.

Lucy Grant (left) and Evie Green, who both won two trophies each at the Year 6 Awards, are pictured with proud Principal, Andy Clark.

Mason Stevenson receives the award for Greatest Effort in Tucana.

The Year 6 pupils sing a 'farewell to the Academy' song to their parents.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

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