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Awards Recognise Year 6 Pupils As They Prepare To Leave

Commitment, achievement, progress, and sheer determination to succeed despite challenging circumstances were rewarded when Reynolds Academy Year 6 pupils attended their annual Awards Ceremony.

Rebecca Scott, Academy Principal, who, along with teaching staff, presented 12 awards to the children in front of a large audience of parents, carers, friends and family, said: "The children in Year 6 have done a fantastic job. They are a brilliant cohort of children who have had to contend with some tough times.

"Despite this, they have always displayed a wonderful attitude and, in many ways, their ability to cope with challenges and the perseverance they have shown, along with a good sprinkling of humour, has kept us all going as well!

"There has been some good, healthy competition and some positive rivalry amongst some, keen to out-do each other at any chance. They have worked extremely hard, and they have had a lot of pressure on them being the first cohort to sit the full SATs since 2019," she said.

"I don’t ever recall a year group where so many of you have had to face personal difficulties or combat so many hurdles throughout the final years of your journey through primary school - for a wide range of reasons.

"In 20 years of teaching, I have come across many children who have had to cope with the demands that life throws at them, some at a very early age. However, the children sitting before me now have shown us all that with hard work, determination and belief, anything is possible."

Of the SATs results, Mrs Scott said: "the children exceeded our expectations and what had been predicted based on their performance throughout the year. We are so very proud of them."

She went on to thank staff for going way beyond the call of duty this year. "You have all worked so hard to support the children and give them the best platform possible as they leave for secondary school," she said.

Mrs Scott continued: "I would also like to thank parents for your support this year and indeed the last few years, that I’m sure you’ll all agree have been difficult for all."

Turning to the awards, the audience was shown a shortlist of pupils for each category before the announcement of the winners.

The award for ‘Greatest Overall Contribution To The Academy’ covers all aspects of someone’s character - achievement, effort, attitude - and, importantly, how they have helped and supported others and the wider aspects of the Academy. The winner of this award was Amie Barnsley, who was described by teachers as "full of life and energy and, although quiet, showed great confidence and leadership over others."

Every pupil in Year 6 received a gift to mark their time at the Academy, and Mrs Scott concluded: "On behalf of everyone at Reynolds, I’d like to wish all of you and your families the best of luck next year and in the future."

The full list of award winners is:

Best Result in Reading: Charlie Fox.

Best Result in Maths: Ethan Martindale.

Best Result in Writing: Alicia Hicks.

Best Progress in Maths: Isaac Laking.

Best Progress in Writing: Ruby Morris.

Best Progress in Reading: Gracie Barley.

Greatest Effort in Orion: Joel Lidgard.

Greatest Effort in Tucana: Riley Barrett.

Creative Arts Award: Riley Dickinson.

Excellence in Sports: Libby-Mae Coates.

Exemplary Behaviour: Maisy Wright.

Greatest Overall Contribution to the Academy: Amie Barnsley.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

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