Cap And Gown Ceremony Marks Graduation Day

Reynolds Academy Graduation. Harry Whall, (4) wears the cap and gown with his graduating classmates.

Foundation children took part in the Academy's Annual Graduation Ceremony, showcasing music and songs they had learnt throughout the year for their parents.

All the children in FS1 took part and the ones moving up to FS2 in September then graduated. Each child received an end-of-year certificate and a graduation photo.

Nursery Leader Jane Day said: "We like to celebrate the end of year and say goodbye to all the children going into FS2 . Parents are invited in to see the work they have been doing and songs they have learnt over the year. We make it like a degree ceremony to make it special."

Isla Atkinson (4) receiving her certificate from Nursery Leader Jane Day.

Each child received a graduation photo. Freddie Butler.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson