New FROG System

Ref: RS/SB

2 November 2020

Dear Parent/Carers

As most of you will be aware, during the lockdown period, we introduced a new electronic learning platform called Frog. All pupils have their own unique log-in and have the opportunity to see work set by their teachers; upload work they have produced and send messages to their teachers about work-related issues.

Over the last few weeks, we have been updating the system to allow it to be used for homework and also, most importantly, in preparation for any children who may have to be absent for extended periods due to self-isolation.

One of the new features to Frog is the student ePortfolio, comprised of an individual learning journal and a messaging system. The learning journal is a place to celebrate a child's work-related achievements; if a teacher has been impressed with a child's work, they may choose to upload a picture for parents/carers to view. When an update has been made to a child's ePortfolio, a notification will be sent to the child's account, alerting them that a teacher has contributed to their learning journal.

It is crucial that pupils use Frog in the correct way. It is not a social media platform; they cannot communicate with other children; they can communicate with staff but I must emphasise that this must be about school-related issues only. I would ask you to go through the following with your children and regularly monitor your child's Frog page – in fact, I would actively encourage you to go through Frog with your children on a regular basis.

Frog should be used for the following:

  • During periods of isolation, work will be uploaded to a child's individual site from their teacher on a regular basis.
  • Work completed should be uploaded to a pupil's individual portfolio.
  • To access and submit homework the class teacher has set.
  • If a child is struggling with an aspect of their work, particularly if they are absent due to isolation, they can send messages to their teacher to ask for more guidance. The teacher will respond at their earliest convenience which will normally be the following day. Please note, teachers will never respond to any messages after 6pm during the week and they will never respond to messages at the weekend

It is important the following guidelines are adhered to and remembered:

  • Frog is not a social media platform.
  • Anything uploaded must be related to school work.
  • Any message sent must be strictly related to school. For example, pupils should not send messages simply asking how teachers are and if they have had a nice day; they should not send messages discussing their home life; they must not upload anything that is unrelated to school work.
  • Pupils should not be sending messages to teachers after 6pm during week days.
  • Pupils should not be sending messages to teachers at the weekend.

Teachers and all senior leaders have access to every pupil's Frog site. These are strictly monitored. Where a child is not following the rules outlined above, parents will be contacted. Where a pupil continually misuses their Frog site, their log-in rights will be removed.

We understand that for younger pupils, it may well be parents accessing the Frog site. If you have any questions, please contact your child's class teacher, either by phone or by emailing your message to

Yours faithfully

Mrs R Scott

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott