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Praise For Everyone Who Has Made Smooth Return To Full-Time School Possible

Arianna Seregina and Mason Hides (both FS1) wash their hands at the outdoor sinks at Reynolds Academy after playing outside.

Reynolds Academy Principal Becky Scott has praised parents, pupils and staff for adhering to strict new guidelines which have made the safe transition back to the classroom possible in the most difficult of times.

The Academy has introduced a raft of measures to protect against transmission of Covid-19, as all pupils finally returned to the classrooms last month. Classroom bubbles, staggered starts and finishes, staggered lunchtimes, outdoor sinks, frequent handwashing, split playgrounds and multiple notices to social distance have all been introduced to enable pupils to get back to school full-time.

Mrs Scott said: "We are very grateful to everyone who has helped to make getting back to school full-time as smooth as possible. Of course, we have had to make adjustments as we go to ensure that everything is working properly, but we know that parents realise the importance of adhering to the requirements each day to ensure that their children remain as safe as possible whilst in school.

"We have staggered start and finish times at Reynolds Academy, but we have three entrances now so that ensures that we can keep pupils socially distanced as much as possible as they come into and leave the Academy. It does of course mean that parents have to queue outside for a few minutes each day, but we know that they realise that this is necessary to ensure that we all stay as safe as possible at this difficult time. Parents are not allowed on site at all, but we know that they appreciate that with more than 400 pupils at the Academy we simply would not have the space to ensure social distancing if we were to allow this.

"Parents are given allocated times to bring their children into school in the morning, and whilst we know that this may not be ideal for everyone, it helps the staff to bring pupils into school safely whilst keeping everyone socially distanced. I would like to thank parents for sticking to their allocated times as this is very important in helping this process run smoothly each day.

"Lunchtimes are also working well at Reynolds Academy with catering providers Aspens delivering lunches to the classrooms where pupils can eat within their bubbles and then go outside and play, which ensures that they don’t mix with any other groups. Our playgrounds are also divided to ensure that bubbles do not mix.

"One of the most pleasing things for us all is having all of the children in school again. Obviously we remained open throughout the whole pre-summer period, but having all of the children back is what the school is about. They seem extremely happy and we are very glad about that. It is nice to see them enjoying their lessons and learning again. Equally the staff are happy to be back and teaching face to face again as there really is no substitute for this."

FS1 pupils leave the Academy from the Early Years entrance and new gateway, which allows for more social distancing.

Year 6 pupil Kalina Davies sanitises her hands before entering the computer room where Rayyan Lehmer is working. Spaces are left between computers to ensure safe working.

Aspens Catering Manager Vicky Backrath delivers lunches directly to Year 1 children in Aquila Class so that they remain in their bubbles.

Year 6 pupils in Tucana are taught facing forwards with Teacher Miss Jenny.

IT Teacher Mr Bateman works on the Academy's online platform FROG, which enables pupils to do homework safely without taking equipment home. It will also be used for pupils if they have to self isolate at home to enable them to continue with their schoolwork. FROG played a valuable role for pupils and staff during lockdown.

Pupils sanitise their hands as they come in and out of the Academy.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott