Pupils Enhance Project With A Trip To Hull

Reynolds Academy pupils, Ryan Morris, Libby Greaves and Evie Green, with Hull and East Riding Museum Enabler, Zoe Martin.

Reynolds Academy Year 6 pupils took a trip to the Hull and East Riding Museum to experience what life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages might have been like. They handled artefacts, explored exhibits of real objects unearthed locally from this period of history, and also took part in workshops, where they made clay pots, used a primitive loom to weave fabric and even constructed a wattle fence.

"It was really fun to see what they used to use to make things. It must have been hard work," said Deanna Taylor.

Year 6 Teacher Stephen Lond said: "This trip gives the pupils a better insight into the period as they can see for themselves the kind of tools and processes used at the time. It really enhances their classroom work."

Isabelle London and Deanna Taylor, take a look at the artefacts at the Hull and East Riding Museum.

Lincoln Mason, Daniel Wilkinson, Meesha Hartshorn, and Konstantins Zaicevs, read about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages at Hull and East Riding Museum.

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