'Reel' Look At How The Cinema Used To Work

Reynolds Academy pupils visit the Parkway Cinema in Cleethorpes. Pictured with Marc Morris are (left to right) Brianna Derby, Elena Sova, Julian Christy, Josiah Crancher, James Johnson, Amber Parnell, Ayda Ling, Rosanna Elkatkat and Honey Mae Thompson.

Children from Reynolds Academy have been behind the scenes at the Parkway Cinema in Cleethorpes as part of their studies.

Marc Morris, from the cinema, said: "I showed the children the old film reels and explained to them how originally they would have had lots of little pictures in a line going around on a reel. They would spin on a machine and this projected the pictures onto the screen.

"I remember my first time going to a cinema and realising there was this whole world on a screen in front of you. As soon as they walk in to the cinema the children smell the popcorn and they get really excited."

Reynolds Academy Nursery Leader Jane Day said: "All of the FS1 children are visiting the cinema over a three-week period to have a look around. Our topic is 'At the Movies' and we wanted the children to experience what the cinema is like.

"The staff at Parkway Cinema have been amazing and they really looked after us. They took us into a screen and the children got to watch some film trailers for the latest children's films coming out in the summer. It was wonderful to see their faces as some children are experiencing the cinema for the very first time."

Marc Morris from the Parkway Cinema with Reynolds Academy pupils Rosie Kitching and Elena Sova.

Ready for the film. Front to back: Honey Mae Thompson, Rosanna Elkatkat, James Johnson and Rosie Kitching.

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