Save Our Sealife, Say Year 2 Pupils

Ruby Matheson (7) goes "Under The Sea" as Reynolds Academy pupils study sealife and plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution and how it affects our sea creatures was the topic for discussion by Year 2 pupils at Reynolds Academy, entitled 'Under The Sea.'

The pupils made their own aquatic scenes, with environmental messages, and then showcased their work to parents, friends and family.

Abbie Smith, Year 2 Teacher, said: "This topic takes in aspects of Science and Geography and even English, as the pupils will next be creating letters about the harmful effects of plastic pollution."

Macey Burton (7) said "I wanted to show the colourful fish and to tell people not to throw litter on the beach."

Year 2 pupil Macey Burton (7) with her two exhibits highlighting sea pollution.

Elizabeth Wortley (6).

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