Steely Determination To Reproduce Stone Age Period

A trip to the Hull and East Riding Museum was the catalyst for a stunning exhibition entitled "From Stone To Steel."

The Year 6 pupils reproduced small, detailed artefacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and showcased them to their parents.

Their reproductions of miniature round houses, clay sculptures of pots and figurines and wooden axes and daggers helped the children to understand the period, and they were excited to show off their creations to their families at the Academy.

Pupil Max Moreman-Reast showed his exhibits to his Mum Holly Reast and Nan Sandie Greaves. His Nan said: "They have done a wonderful job. Worked really, really hard."

Deanna Taylor was proud to show off her contributions to the project to Mum Helen Taylor, who said: "It's brilliant. The children have obviously done lots of research and hard work."

Reynolds Academy From Stone to Steel Exhibition. Max Moreman-Reast (Year 6) with Mum Holly Reast and Nan Sandie Greaves.

Deanna Taylor (Year 6) and mum Helen Taylor with some of the exhibits.

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