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Still Time To Sign Up For Summer School To Ease New Pupils Into Secondary Life Following Transition Disruption

Cleethorpes Academy Heads of House, Barney French, Sean Riley and Alex Frost, chat with Reynolds Academy Year 6 pupils about the Summer School they have signed up for to help with their transition to secondary school following Covid disruption.

Teachers from Cleethorpes Academy will be spending a week of their annual holidays this year volunteering to run a Summer School for Year 6 pupils who have missed out on transition days due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Primary pupils are due to join Cleethorpes Academy in Year 7 from September. Covid restrictions throughout the entire academic year have meant that the usual transition days, where pupils get the chance to meet their new teachers, familiarise themselves with the school sites and make new friends, have not been able to go ahead.

To make up for this, the Academy is running a week-long Summer School from July 26-30 (the first week of the summer holidays). 

Activities will vary, but the underlying theme will be getting to know each other, exploring the school site, meeting your Head of House and, in particular, having some fun. They will all be run by teachers who have volunteered.

Janice Hornby, Cleethorpes Academy Principal, explained: “In any other year the Academy would have held a number of transition days to welcome our new pupils and familiarise them with what to expect here when they join us in September. This has not been able to happen and we are very conscious of the fact that Year 6 pupils will not have had the introduction to Secondary life that other pupils receive. 

“The Summer School is our way of rectifying that and giving the pupils the opportunity to come along and meet us and take part in some fun activities. For instance, we have a treasure hunt planned which will help the pupils get to know their new school by exploring the classrooms in groups as they work out the clues.

“In Technology pupils will get the chance to design and build a home for the different wildlife that they find in their gardens. Pupils will meet their Head of House and get to know where everything is to give them a head start when they join us in September. 

“It will be a very special week and we already have more than 130 children signed up for it and 17 teachers. I am delighted that parents and pupils are so enthusiastic about taking part in this and I am also extremely grateful to all of our outstanding teachers who are giving up their free time to make this week a fantastic experience.”

Places are still available for the Summer School. Sign up on the website or call the Academy direct. 

Year six pupils from Reynolds Academy who have signed up for Cleethorpes Academy’s Summer School to help with their transition to secondary school in September. Supporting the pupils are Cleethorpes Academy Heads of House, from rear left, Barney French, Alex Frost and Sean Riley. Teachers have volunteered a week of their holidays to run the Summer School.

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