Trip To The Deep Brings Sea Project To Life

Interactive learning on a trip to the Deep. Reynolds Academy pupils Szymon Bednarz, Liam Bramley, Lily-Rose Isted and Charles Winter.

Pupils brought their study of Julia Donaldson's book 'Tiddler' to life with a visit to The Deep in Hull.

As part of their project "Under The Sea," the pupils discovered sharks, turtles, stingrays and myriad tropical fish as they took part in interactive games and learned more about the aquatic life they have been studying this term.

Teacher Melanie Portlock, said: "Coming to The Deep means that the children get some hands on experience, rather than just reading about it themselves or hearing about it from me. They really enjoy learning through the interactive games here and seeing the variety of sea life for themselves. There are games for all levels. Of course they all enjoyed waddling like penguins in the ice tunnel at the end!"

(Left to right) Pupils Szymon Bednarz, Lily-Rose Isted, Lorissa-Marie Blyth, Alfie Bellamy, Muyasar Saymouaa, Liam Bramley and Charles Winter on their visit to The Deep.

Waddling like penguins in the ice tunnel are Liam Bramley and Lily-Rose Isted.

Alfie Bellamy studies the sea life.

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