Year 2 Pupils Celebrate Influential Britons

Reynolds Academy Year 2 pupils celebrate the Great Britons they have been studying. They are (l-r) Sonny Howard, Paisley Featherstone and Rita-May Harris.

Reynolds Academy Year 2 pupils celebrated the influential Britons they had been studying by dressing up for a Great British Tea Party.

Characters ranged from Kings and Queens to suffragettes and astronauts, and included people who have inspired the pupils and people who they would like to emulate in the future.

Principal Rebecca Scott said: "The children came up with some fantastic costumes and this was a fitting way to celebrate the end of their project."

Year 2 pupils Lewis Sadler and Poppy Allenby with classmates.

Year 2 pupils at their Great British Tea Party.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson