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Year 6 Awards Recognise Hard Work And Achievements

Reynolds Academy Year 6 pupils received a copy of Marcus Rashford's book 'You Are A Champion' at their Annual Awards Ceremony.

The Annual Year 6 Awards Ceremony celebrated the hard work and achievements of pupils right across the board, from the academic to the creative.

Eleven trophies were given out at the Awards Ceremony: some for Achievement and Progress; others for Effort; some for talents outside of the classroom such as the Creative Arts; and one for the Overall Contribution To The Academy. The trophies were engraved with the winner’s names.

Rebecca Scott, Reynolds Academy Principal, said: “Year 6 is a very challenging year and there is always lots of pressure on the children and staff. The children and staff this year have been amazing because not only have they had to cope with the normal stresses of school life but they have had a worldwide pandemic to deal with as well!

“We are incredibly proud of all of the children and, even though only certain individuals received a trophy, everyone has made progress and everyone has achieved.”

All children were presented with a copy of Marcus Rashford’s book ‘How to be a Champion’  to remember their time at Reynolds Academy and to recognise their success this year and inspire them for the future.

Award For Outstanding Contribution To The Academy.

Most Improved Mathematician.

Sporting Achievements.

Embracing Challenges Award.

Exemplary Behaviour Award.

Award for Perseverance In Learning.

Excellence In Mathematics.

Excellence In Reading.

Excellence In The Creative Arts.

Everyone received a gift.

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Reynolds Academy Principal

Rebecca Scott