Younger Pupils Meet Exotic Animals On Visit To Academy

Deacon Overton and Poppie O'Brien with a Snake brought in by its owner Ashley Norman from Exotics Of The World.

FS2 children showed no fear when local store, Exotics Of The World, brought in a range of reptiles and amphibians for them to meet. The visit was part of the pupils' studies about animals. The visitors included an African Python, a Gecko, a Giant Millipede, a Giant Vinegaroon, a Bearded Dragon, a Red Foot Tortoise and a Pygmy Hedgehog.

(L-r) Jacob Jepson, Tyler-James Blow, William Farrell, Myles Dixon, Clara Gardner, Oliver Payling, Callum Winter and Lola-Rose Chester.

Fraiser Weatherill with a Bearded Dragon.

Poppie O'Brien proudly holds a Gecko.

Lewis Knight and Poppie O'Brien with a Snake.

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