Zoo Trip Brings Classroom Learning To Life

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Year 1 pupils visit the Jungle Zoo in Cleethorpes. Pictured are: Daisy Godden, Charlie Ellis, and Olly Manders with Sharon Gledhill, Manager of the Jungle Zoo, and Molly, a 20-year-old Sulcata Tortoise.

Children at Reynolds Academy brought their classroom learning to life with a trip to the Jungle Zoo in Cleethorpes.

Year 1 Teacher Abbie Smith explained: "As part of our theme 'Our Living World', the children in Year 1 learnt about different types of animals and what makes them special. We learnt about a range of animals, from amphibians such as frogs, to mammals like the killer whale.

"To see some of the amazing animals we had learnt about, we took a trip to the Jungle Zoo to speak to the experts. The children got up close to animals such as the bearded dragon and the millipede. They really enjoyed it."

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Francesca Campling and Charlie Ellis are pictured with Zoo Keeper Lindsey Hollingsworth, and a Bearded Dragon called Ted.

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