Year 1


  • Look at some empty packages and boxes. What shape are they? Can you find a cube, a cylinder or a cuboid? As a challenge can you make a model of a robot from them?
  • Go on a number hunt. What numbers can you see around your house? You could look at door numbers, number plates, on food packets or in magazines and books. Take photos or draw pictures to show us some of the numbers you have found. Can you put these numbers in order from the smallest to largest number? As a challenge can you see any numbers written as words (one, two etc.)?
  • Collect 20 small objects from around your house. How many different ways can you find to share these items between two groups? As a challenge can you write a number sentence to represent each way that you find (for example: 1 + 19 = 20, 2 + 18 =20).
  • Follow a recipe (with an adult) to make a treat for your family. Maybe you could make pancakes, or cupcakes or cookies? As a challenge can you re-write the recipe in order to make double the quantity?
  • Share 16 cookies with one other family member. How many do you each have? As a challenge what would happen if you had to share the same amount of cookies between two more family members?

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  • Write an information booklet about how to look after a pet.
  • Write a set of instructions for how to brush your teeth.
  • Write a set of instructions for how to wash your hands.
  • Write a fairy-tale with a twist using the title The Three Little Sloths and The Big Bad Lion.
  • Complete reading tasks as per the Reading Bingo.
  • Complete comprehension tasks as per the Home Learning Booklet.

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Home Learning Bingo

Design a new front cover for your favourite book, remember that the features of a book cover should include: an illustration, a title and the author's name. Our next theme topic is ‘Food, Food, Food' Design an eat well plate featuring carbohydrates, dairy, protein, fruits and vegetables and sugars and fats.
Draw a poster to show the signs of spring. Re-write your favourite traditional tale with a twist. Here are some ideas:

• The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig
• Big Blue Riding Hood
• The Cookie Man
Design a game to help a friend learn the Year One tricky words (attached).Here are some ideas:

• Tricky Word Snap
• Tricky Word Bingo
• Tricky Word Shapes and Ladders.
Decorate a hard-boiled egg for Easter.

Reading Bingo

Hunt for these sounds in your favourite book. Can you find any Year One tricky words (attached) around your house? You might want to hunt on toy boxes, food packages, signs and labels.
Draw your favourite character from a book and write a character description about them. Can you look in a book and find any of these words? Which word did you spot the most times?
Look at the things around your house. Can you spot any words that begin with any of these sounds? Try writing some of them down. Write a list of words that feature each of these sounds.

Theme Bingo

Draw an information poster about your favourite animal Make a habitat for an animal of your choice, You might want to make an artic habitat for a polar bear or a garden habitat for a hedgehog!
Write a recipe for making jelly, remember to include:

• A title
• A ‘what you will need' section
• A method (in chronological order).
Our next theme topic is ‘Food, Food, Food.' Draw and label your favourite meal.

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