Year 2

In this pack you will find;

English Tasks

Task 1: Comprehension questions on Horrid Henry story

Task 2: Write your own story about Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret. Think about a different game they might play together, or an adventure they might go on!

Task 3: Design your own game that Horrid Henry might play with a friend. It could be a game you play outside, like tig, or a board game, like snakes and ladders. Remember to include a set of instructions so Henry knows how to play the game!

Task 4: Spelling and grammar activities

Task 5: Guess the common exception words

Handwriting Booklet

There is a handwriting booklet in this pack focussing on 'Lumpy Letters'

Maths Tasks

Task 1: Addition and subtraction with inverse

Task 2: Measure objects

Task 3: Time with 15-minute intervals

Task 4: 2D and 3D shapes

Task 5: Pictograms

Theme Tasks

Task 1: Research some of Lowry's most famous paintings.

Task 2: Find 5 facts about Lowry and record them.

Task 3: Look out of your window at home. What can you see? Design and draw what you can see outside your window include buildings, cars and roads.

Task 4: When you have designed your own Lowry style picture. Decorate it- You could use, crayons, chalk, paint or use materials to decorate to create a collage piece.

Useful websites: (Hit the button, Daily 10, countdown) (Timetable Rockstars) (bbc bitezie KS1 Lowry art) (specific tasks for each individual mathematics national curriculum aims) (different games for English and maths) (worksheets covering a variety of skills)

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