Year 3 Activity Pack


Times Table Rockstar's

Please focus on your 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables

  • Create a tally chart of the different coloured cars different members of your family or friends have. If you are struggling with numbers, why don't you look out of the window and use those cars for your tally chart?
  • Use your findings to create a bar chart called ‘A graph to show the most popular coloured car'.
  • Can you find some 3d and 2d objects in your house and create a poster labelling the properties of the shape of the object?
  • Can you use a jug and some kitchen scales measure and compare different items in your house using the correct unit of measurement depending on whether they are a liquid or an object. Record your findings.
  • Please use the addition and subtraction pages to practise your addition and subtraction skills



In this pack you will be set task based on English for your set. This will be based around punctuation and grammar.

Aim to spend 30 minutes a day on these.

The following reference the activities set for each class.

Set 1

P3, P6, U3. N24, 01

Set 2

R1, P4, K7, U1, N8

Choose a fiction book of your choice.

We have given you a book review to complete and a story map to complete using a fiction book.

Can you design a new character who could appear in the story? Think about what they look like, whether they are an antagonist (bad character) or a protagonist (good character), about their personality (kind, funny, evil, sneaky etc), hobbies and how they would fit into the story. You could create a mind map about this character and draw a picture.

Can you design a different front and back cover for the book? Make sure your front cover is eye catching as this is how people pick their book. Your blurb needs to excite and intrigue the reader so they want to read your book.

Please also create a fact file page or poster based on your non-fiction book/information text.

  • After you have read your book, think about different sub headings and information which could teach a year one child about your book. Remember to include pictures with captions.
  • Look through your book and create a checklist of features of a non-fiction book to help other children.
  • Using your checklist, can you create your own non-fiction text on something you are interested in? (this could be Lego, football, your favourite animal etc)


Our theme this term is 'Around the World in 80 Days'.

  • Conduct some of your own research about Brazil as this is our next country to learn about.

  • Can you create a design of the Brazilian flag?
  • Create an information leaflet about Brazil using some of these sub headings
  • Important information
  • Festivals
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Attractions
  • People
  • Economy
  • Sports
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Can you create a poster comparing Brazil to the United Kingdom? What is similar, what is different?
  • Brazilians celebrate a famous festival, can you design and then create your own headdress that you could wear during the festival?

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