Year 5

Dear parent/carer,

For the continuation of your child's education during a period of closure, the Year 5 team have compiled home education packs consisting of learning materials for you to utilise in continuing your child's study during this period.

These packs include work for:

  • English (Comprehension style exercises and ideas for creative writing topics)

  • Maths (A range of areas focusing mainly on reinforcing the four operations)

  • Spelling (Targeted spellings including suggested ways to practise with your child)

  • Theme (Comparative study of North America and a local region) We have included lesson slides and work, with learning objectives found on the first page of the lesson slides and the work for the children to complete on a separate sheet underneath. The lessons are in order and there is a total of four.

    Lesson objectives

    • Lesson 1: To identify the countries of North America

    • Lesson 2: To investigate and compare climates in North America

    • Lesson 3: To compare a region in the UK with a region in North America

    • Lesson 4: To research the human and physical features of a particular North American country

We have aimed to compile resources differentiated appropriately for the ability of your child to ensure the work you will complete with them is accessible, but also includes elements of challenge.

In addition to the work in these packs, there are various other ways you can further your child's education at home for free. Through both services the school has subscribed to, as well as websites currently offering free access to teaching resources.

These include:

  • Timestable Rockstars - Timestable practise (Battles between classes will be scheduled throughout closure).

  • Topmarks – A website dedicated to interactive games and resources which covers a wide variety of topics.

  • Twinkl – A website which offers resources (lessons and work) on a tremendous range of subjects. This is usually a paid subscription service; however, they are currently offering everyone access to all their resources when you sign up and use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS upon sign up

  • Classroom secrets – A website which has created home learning packs for each year group covering Maths, GPS, Reading and Practical learning ideas.

We hope that during this time you will be able to work with your child to ensure that time spent at home can still be productive in furthering their learning.

Many thanks,

Mr Holmes and Mrs Owen.

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