Welcome To Reynolds Academy

In September 2013, Reynolds Primary School became part of the Tollbar Family of Academies. We are delighted with the changes that have been made to the building and the facilities now on offer at our newly opened Academy. We are extremely excited about the future and what it promises to children and their families.

Our Academy is a slightly larger than the average sized primary school and we cater for children from the age of 3 until they are 11. Children are taught in single age groups and from Year 2 to Year 6 they are taught in sets for English and Maths.

We have a dedicated and highly motivated staff at Reynolds Academy who work hard and have high expectations of our children. Each year group team is composed of two Teachers, supported by Teaching Assistants.

The Senior Leadership team consists of the Executive Headteacher, Christine Lacey; the Vice Principal, Andy Clark and the Assistant Principals, Mandy White and Alison Stephenson. In addition, Steve Lond is the Mathematics Coordinator.

Of most importance to us is the partnership between home and school. Throughout the year there are a wealth of opportunities for us to liaise and work together through letters, events, assemblies, homework and meetings. The Academy website is an invaluable source of information and contact with us. We are readily available to families to discuss whole school matters or those involving individual children.

Family enquiries or concerns are treated seriously and where the Academy and home are working together we find that matters are always brought to a successful and positive conclusion. As well as working together, community views are sought by letters and questionnaires.

We have an active school council. As well as the life of the school, the school curriculum is developing all the time. School improvement comes from staff and professionals within Tollbar Family of Academies working together within the school community to embrace new educational thinking and initiatives. The staff at the school have an excellent understanding of how children learn and what learning should look like for each individual child. They use methodical assessment to plan carefully for each lesson and group. Those children who are gifted and talented and those with special educational needs are supported within the Academy and where possible and reasonable, special arrangements are made for them to receive the education that they need in a mainstream setting. We are honest and realistic about our expertise and experience and always have the child's best interests at heart. We will try everything in our power and experience to cater for the needs of individuals.

We like to have fun whilst we are learning. The staff are continually trying out new ideas, making exciting trips, getting in visitors and using the community to enhance the provision in school.

We hope that the website is a useful source of information for parents and pupils. Please add our website to your favourites list and visit us regularly to keep up to date with our events, achievements and activities. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Enjoy your online visit to us!

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